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Cold Air = Hot Performance

I am currently offering both cold air and warm air induction intake systems for air cooled VW/Porsche 914 1.7, 1.8, 2.0 fuel injected models and Porsche 914 single carb or middle carb conversion models and Volkswagen Type 1, single carb beetles, pic 28, pic 30 and pic 34 and any other kit car such as Bradley GT I and II using the Type 1 stock carb model. In the future will be expanding my line to offer cold and warm air induction intake systems for Porsche 356, 912 double carb models as well as VW fuel-injected beetle and beetle high-performance single and double carb and dual-carb 914's. You can send me an e-mail at bhulton@verizon.net for general inquiries about the product/application. Each pipe is custom made and will take a couple of weeks to complete the order.

Cold air performance has never been introduced to Volkswagen Type 1, to my knowledge, at least quite like my design. I think this will greatly improve the performance by an estimated 12-15 hp depending on motor set up and application and also will increase gas mileage and in today's economy gas mileage and performance is everything. The Porsche 914 2.0, 1.7, or 1.8 liter engines also never had real cold air performance induction before which will greatly improve the horsepower and performance by an estimated 18-20 hp depending on your motor set up and application and also will increase gas mileage and performance. These cold air intakes are Real Cold air Intakes, which means they go to the ground and the engines are protected by a hydro-lock device or air bypass valve which eliminates the chance of hydro-lock in the event the filter becomes submerged in water. Simply stated in case your filter and pipe suck up water your engine will not be damaged and that is why it is offered on all of my cold air induction intake systems.

 Porsche 914 2.0 L cold air intake  Porsche 914 2.0 L cold air intake

All of my cold and warm induction intake systems use the existing brackets and space. All of my pipes are precut to fit the hydrolock device in a preselected spot on the pipe and to fit where the old air cleaner was to look as if it was an original stock factory high performance part offered by Porsche/VW. You definitely know this is a high performance part as they come in a variety of colors (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Silver, Natural Metal Clear, Lime Green, Orange or Gold). All rubber boots, brackets, hoses and fittings look German or in some cases even better than the factory. I am currently offering the Spectre high flow cotton rewashable red filter because it is the best quality for the price and it fits most applications. Volkswagen Beetle Type 1 is the only one that uses a special K&N cold air filter due to space and size.

All cold and warm air induction intake systems come with high performance induction intake system instruction manual as well as peripheral part instruction manual such as AEM bypass hydro-lock high performance installation manual, hardware kit and clamps necessary to install, hose kits for vacuum lines, pipe (warm or cold air intake) and high flow cotton filter, moisture/dust cover and hydro-lock device (on cold air intakes only).

 Porsche 914 2.0 LRoyal blue warm air intake Porsche 914 2.0 L warm air intake with moisture/dust cover
 Porsche 914 1.8 L K&N Red cold air intake  Porsche 914 1.8 L cold air intake
Porsche 914 1.8 L Warm air intake  Porsche 914 1.8 L Warm air intake
 Porsche 914 middle conversion natural metal clear single carb cold air intake  Porsche 914 middle conversion natural metal clear single carb cold air intake
 Volkwagen 1.6 L single carb Bug Yellow Warm Air Intake  Volkswagen 1.6 L single carb Bug warm air intake with clear moisture/dust cover option installed
 Volkswagen 1.6 L single carb lime green cold air intake  

This is a high performance item and therefore if not installed correctly or used properly, I am not responsible for any damage caused by improper installation or improper use.

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